Plattsburgh Primary Care Pediatrics has now started a Pre-Check in Process in our Electronic Health Record (EHR), MEDENT.

How does it work?

When your appointment is scheduled we will collect either an email or cell phone number and carrier to send the link to. It is your preference. The link will be sent 5 days before the scheduled appointment and then again one day before if it has not been completed. 

You will be asked to enter the date of birth of the patient who is scheduled. 

You will then enter or verify:

  * Demographic information             

(Including address, phone number, insurance) 

  *Sign documents   

(Including Financial, HIXNY, Consents/Authorizations)

* Complete assessments 

(Such as MCHAT, EPDS, PHQ-9, Bright Futures, Family Needs, ETC.) 



Pediatric Antibiotic Prescribing Guidelines

If you have any questions or comments please utilize our patient portal or call the office at 518-562-0151.