Team Based Care

What is Team Based Care?

“The report, called "Core Principles & Values of Effective Team-Based Health Care," defined team-based healthcare as at least two healthcare providers working collaboratively with patients and their caregivers to provide high-quality, coordinated care.

The report described the following five principles of team-based healthcare:

1. Shared goals. The team — including the patient and, where appropriate, family members or other support persons — works to establish shared goals that reflect patient and family priorities and that can be clearly articulated, understood and supported by all team members.

2. Clear roles. There are clear expectations for each team member's functions, responsibilities and accountabilities, which optimize the team's efficiency and often make it possible for the team to take advantage of division of labor, thereby accomplishing more than the sum of its parts.

3. Mutual trust. Team members earn each other's trust, creating strong norms of reciprocity and greater opportunities for shared achievement.

4. Effective communication. The team prioritizes and continuously refines its communication skills. It has consistent channels for candid and complete communication, which are accessed and used by all team members across all settings.

5. Measurable processes and outcomes. The team agrees on and implements reliable and timely feedback on successes and failures in both the functioning of the team and achievement of the team's goals. These are used to track and improve performance immediately and over time”.

Reference: Rodak, Sabrina. "5 Core Principles of Team-Based Healthcare." Becker's Hospital Review, 4 Oct. 2012. Web.


Business Office Staff

 Karen Sweenor – Medical Office Manager

Patricia Morrissey – Administrative Supervisor


Stacy O’Brien-Goodrow – Administrative Assistant

Jessica Devins - Administrative Assistant

Sara Jubert - Administrative Assistant

Clinical Nursing Staff

Carolyn Brunelle – Dr. David Beguin’s Nurse, Nurse Manager, and Certified Lactation Consultant

Jessie Heywood – Dr. Melissa Meyer’s Nurse and head of Palliative Care

Melinda McShane – Dr. Anthony Ching’s Nurse and head of CHADIS

Naomi Chamberlain – Clinical Support and referral specialist

Heather Worley – Registered Nurse and Behavioral Health Management Lead

Lee Ann Trombley – Registered Nurse and Cornell Co-Op Nutrition Program Lead

Mika Moschelle – Licensed Practical Nurse

Kymberlie Sweenor - Pediatric Exercise Physiologist, NCQA Patient Centered Medical Home

Laura LaHart - Healthy Steps Specialist and Reach Out and Read Program


Professional Ancillary Services from Within

Jen Luther- Pediatric Nutrition, Feeding Education and Support with the Nutrition Educator

Casey Root-Caron and Elise Castillo - Clinton County Mental Health

Erin Estes - RN Care Manager

Hannah Crouse - Community Resource Advocate

Cindy Bedard - Patient Navigator